New QUOD Colleague Questionnaire – Thomas Vermeire

Thomas Vermeire – Project Manager

What were you doing most recently before joining QUOD?
I was living in Brussels where I worked as a Programme and Project Manager at a health insurance company. This mainly involved working on organisational, development projects and programmes.

What interested you about working with QUOD?
I have always looked for roles in impactful organisations. When I found the QUOD job posting, I was immediately convinced: supporting research to improve transplantations and help more patients is a magnificent goal to participate in.

What does your role in QUOD involve?
My main focus is to have an overview of all projects and make sure that they run within time, budget and scope. Also, I will be helping our scientists to set up new, impactful projects and commercial partnerships.

Lightning round time:

If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring?

  • A survival kit: there is no fun on an island if you are not able to survive.
  • Seeds to plant: growing vegetables and fruit will provide food and is also a good way to spend time.
  • A pair of good hiking boots: to explore the island.

Where’s your favourite place?
At home in my little vineyard back in Belgium, where I am learning to grow grapes and make my own wine.

Finally, what kinds of enquiries should people bring to you, and how best can they reach you?

Anything related to project management and viticulture. I can be reached at