Access Samples

Before applying to access QUOD samples, please review the access policy, requirements and guidance below.

Access Policy


Access Requirements


Guidance for Researchers


How to Apply

In order to access QUOD samples please complete Part A: Preliminary application, then submit this form to Part A requirements include: a brief outline of the study proposed and the number and types of samples to be requested. The information will be reviewed by the QUOD Data Manager who will then invite you to provide more detailed information in form Part B: Full application for access to the QUOD bioresource. Part B applications are then submitted to the QUOD Steering Committee for review.

Once your application has been approved, and the relevant agreements signed, samples matching your selection criteria, together with relevant clinical data, if applicable, will be prepared and dispatched.

QUOD aims to acknowledge and support all applications as soon as possible after receipt.

If you have any questions, please contact us.