QUOD Publications & Presentations

QUOD biobank materials and data were used by research groups in studies that generated the following publications and presentations.

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  • Shaheed S. ‘Multi-omics approach to identify the molecular signature of primary non-function prior to transplantation in deceased donor kidneys’
    Poster presentation at the ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics | Anaheim, California, USA | June 2024

  • Michelakis I. ‘The role of donor cystatin-C in posttransplant outcomes in kidney transplantation’
    Oral presentation at ERA2024 | Stockholm, Sweden | May 2024 (Abstract)

  • Lucas C. ‘SARS-CoV-2 pathology in humans’
    UK International Coronavirus Network meeting | Nicosia, Cyprus | 2024

  • Russell C. ‘Treatable traits in Covid-19 immunopathology’
    Invited online talk at Hull Academic Infectious Diseases/Microbiology seminar | Hull, UK | October 2022

  • Dorward D. ‘COVID-19 lung pathology – IHC studies and the UK experience’
    Pulmonary Pathology Society | Cork, Ireland | June 2022

  • Russell CD. ‘Treatable traits in Covid-19 immunopathology’
    Oral presentation at Infectious Diseases Unit seminar | Edinburgh, UK | May 2022

  • Russell C, Dorward D. ‘Tissue proteomic analysis identifies mechanisms and stages of immunopathology in fatal COVID-19’
    Poster presentation at Scottish Immunology Groups Network | Perth, UK | March 2022

  • Russell C. ‘Treatable traits in Covid-19’
    Invited talk presented at 8th Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine Network | London, UK | October 2021

  • Dorward D, Russell CD. ‘Lessons from ICECAP COVID-19 post-mortem study’
    NHS Lothian Grand Round | Edinburgh, UK | September 2021

  • Kaisar M, et al. ‘Activated cytoprotective mechanisms in DBD kidneys correlate with kidney function in transplant recipients: a study using clinical samples from the UK QUOD biobank’
    Oral presentation at the 2016 American Transplant Congress | Boston, Massachusetts, USA | June 2016 (Abstract)