Meet the Team: Sheba Ziyenge, Data Analyst and Coordinator

In September, QUOD welcomed our new Data Analyst and Coordinator Sheba Ziyenge. Sheba has kindly agreed to share a bit more about herself and her role at QUOD:

What were you doing most recently before joining QUOD?
I was doing my Master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience in Barcelona.

What interested you about working with QUOD?
From my prior experiences, I knew I wanted to transition to using my data management, statistical and analysis skills in scientific research. QUOD stood out to me for their fantastic work in supporting contemporary transplantation research.

What does your role in QUOD involve?
My main duties include the management and development of QUOD databases, the extraction and allocation of biobank samples to research projects, supporting researchers with analysis and reporting. I also produce periodic statistics about QUOD activities for stakeholders and collaborate with NHSBT to process data relevant for the research projects.

Lightning round time. Tea or coffee?
Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon!

Favourite place in Oxford?
I love walking by the river up to Christ Church Meadows, it’s especially nice in the summer.

Ideal holiday destination?
I love travelling so this is a hard one! My favourite place I’ve been to so far is Mexico, and I have my eyes set on New Zealand and Hawaii for my next big trips!

Primary COVID-19 lockdown survival method?
Enjoying the little things such as burning scented candles, listening to nice music and looking after my plants.

Finally, what kinds of inquiries should people bring to you, and how best can they reach you?
I can be reached at, I’ll be happy to help with any QUOD data related queries.