Meet the Team: Bhee Bellew, Transplant Research Project Manager

At the beginning of September we welcomed our new Transplant Research Project Manager, Bhee Bellew. You can look forward to hearing more from Bhee as she settles into her new role, but for now here’s a short introduction:

What were you doing most recently before joining QUOD?
Decorating!  HR emailed to chase the photo required for my University Card, so underneath the dress I threw on there’s a paint-splattered t-shirt.  Work-wise, before my between-jobs break I’d spent many years at the University of Oxford, most recently managing a large grant in the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages.

What interested you about working with QUOD?
I’d applied for a number of roles when my last contract ended, and was in the fortunate position of having some options to choose from. I imagined waking on a dark, wet February morning during a difficult work week (all jobs have them), and which role would most motivate me to get out of bed…and QUOD was the answer. It’s the opportunity to support research with such fantastic impact.  Also, everyone seemed really nice at my interview!

What does your role in QUOD involve?
It’s my 8th day in the job so this is question I’m currently asking other people!  I support Professor Ploeg in managing his portfolio of research projects in transplantation.  This includes maintaining core project documents, financial administration, meeting arrangements, helping prepare reports for funders, and supporting bids for additional funding. In addition to QUOD, I provide support for the Consortium for Organ Preservation in Europe (COPE).

Lightning round time. Tea or coffee?
Tea.  The only acceptable place for coffee is in tiramisu.

Favourite place in Oxford?
Wytham woods.

Best holiday trip ever?
New Zealand. I’m fascinated by geothermal landscapes, and bathing in natural hot water is wonderful.  Easier to get to on a regular basis, I love the Isle of Wight.

Primary COVID-19 lockdown survival method?
My favourite yoga studio’s classes live-streamed to my garden.

Finally, what kinds of inquiries should people bring to you, and how best can they reach you?
Email me at with QUOD admin or finance queries.